One thing I'm very clear about is that every student is an individual, and therefore responds to a unique combination of teaching techniques be it in movement, voice, acting or directing. I’ve researched and practiced a variety of techniques, giving me a well-equipped toolbox for the classroom, on stage or for developing new projects.

 Highlights of my qualifications include over 25 years of professional acting, directing and teaching experience in a college conservatory based theater programs, educational theater programs and professional regional theaters across the United States. My specialties are in acting, movement and voice, as well as teaching the collaborative playwriting process and directing. 

My Work

Whether you're looking for a passionate teacher or need a seasoned actress, I would love to work with you. I am happy to come to your location or develop new projects via internet. I invite you to visit my Curriculum Vitae, teaching philosophy, a sample of my movement syllabus, reviews, pictures and resumes on the following pages.

Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work. If you have any questions, please contact me.


 Current Projects 

Educational Projects

LESSON PLAY- Educational scripts designed to integrate theater with classroom lesson plans. Each lesson plan requires a 3 hr minimum from lesson  to production. Call for more information 646-763-9069

LEQ -Theme  -Humans, Wildlife and the Habitat We Share .

 Photos from Discovery Camp Production. 55 Students , total class time 3 hrs 45 mins

Theme Parks

Scripts in development

Suki and Baby Pea IV.pdf Suki and Baby Pea IV.pdf
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the FLUTE.pdf the FLUTE.pdf
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Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.                                 - George Bernard Shaw


I approach my work with a unique perspective and passion that utilizes my years of training on and off stage with various directors, playwrights and teachers. By combining  30 years of acting, teaching, directing, voice, movement, commercial work, television and a touch of film my style and technique are create a passion and flexibility that lives in constant growth developed over years of training and experience.


....”I learned more about acting from your class than I have learned from any program or experience

in my life, and I don't know if I will ever learn as much again. Not only that, but I also feel that I know

myself much better as a person, which I can now take with me wherever I go........ guidance and

honesty made me so much better as an actor and a person... “

(Eliza)beth Hyland class 08

...By cracking my invincible facade, by letting those flood gates open I freed myself. It was you who

taught me what to do with it. You taught me how to live. You let me in to this amazing reality I never

knew existed! And I'm not afraid of being naive or sounding stupid because it is the truth. "

Meg 2008, NYSSSA, New Paltz, NY

.... one of the people who have made the biggest immediate impacts on my life.

I'd like to tell you exactly why.

For the past two years I'd slowly falling into a very easy and path of mediocrity and instant satisfaction.

But overall....my life wasn't very satisfying. I was easily keeping my grades at a point that was good,

meeting a certain "mediocre" par of success and achievement, but in no way pushing me. And that has

been my attitude towards almost everything, sure I'd come in with a certain vigor when facing new

endeavors but I'd always fall back on to the same path.

........beautifully changed my life. Sure my parents had tried to make me realize, but to have a outside

voice tell me, really struck me, in an amazing way. NOW, I'm in no way saying that I'm on the path of

straight success.......BUT now I find myself remembering ............catch myself before I fall pack on that

same mediocre track.

Antonio Barrera-Mejia 2009